When I started producing music, we recorded to magnetic tape and made edits with razor blades and Scotch tape. Thankfully we don't need to do that anymore! We no longer have financial or technical barriers to making and distributing our own music; we can even write, record and publish music straight from our phones.

I originally created this site in 2007 to demystify the music production process as there weren't many good resources available. Now, there are lots of fantastic places to learn about making music and I hope to highlight some of these resources and also add my own musings.

Over the years I have composed music for film, engineered for major labels, mixed live sound, and produced songs for other artists. These days, I am no longer in the music industry, but I do write music for the love of it; when I started learning how to produce music, that's all I really wanted. Although my life does not allow me to make as much music as I'd like, I cherish the time I am able to spend on it.

Dear reader, I hope your musical journey also allows you to fulfill your love of music. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Just a note about the evolution of this site: A few months ago (early 2019), my site was taken down by malware because I hadn't kept the plugins up to date. My host completely removed all my content, so I have created an entirely new website platform and I am in the process of manually copying old content from the Internet Wayback Machine and migrating it to this site. As part of this process, I will not move over every one of the thousand or so articles that I had written on the old site, but only the ones that I think are still worthwhile. Unfortunately, this also means that I won't be able to keep all the fantastic comments readers have left over the years. If you are one of this site's OG readers, I have really appreciated your support over all the years.