DIY Raised Laptop Stand

June 15, 2010 | 6 Comments

Xeraphine’s DIY Laptop Stand

June 15th, 2010 – I was out at a gig a couple weekends ago and although I brought a laptop stand, it didn’t work out that well for the environment I was in. One of the problems with playing out is that you can’t always control your environment. In this case, having a smaller footprint and having my laptop raised more would have helped out immensely.

There are several companies that make good raised laptop stands (Stanton’s Uberstand and Griffin’s Elevator coming to mind) and if you’re serious about gigging, it’s important to get a professional solution that you can trust. However, I’m in a cheapskate kind of mood today and figured I’d look up what DIY raised laptop designs are out there.

I stumbled across a post on The Closet Entrepreneur with a few designs. There are downloadable cardboard templates, and there are even repurposed Ikea stands. While some of the designs look somewhat unstable for heavy use, and other are aesthetically-challenged, you may find something useful for your own setup.

The DIY Cheapskate Laptop Stand

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