Livid Instruments Block : A new Monome challenger appears

October 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

Livid Instruments' Block
Photo courtesy of Livid Instruments

October 16th, 2009
– Regular readers of this site know that I’m huge fan of the Monome and it’s various imitators. There are the various DIY clones based upon the open source Monome like the PICnome, Arduinome and MIDIbox. Lately, there have been big manufacturers releasing Monome-like gear for example Akai’s APC40 and Novation’s Launchpad (both optimized for Ableton Live).

Falling somewhere in the middle is Livid Instruments. Livid’s instruments aren’t DIY but, like the Monome, they’re all handmade. I might add that they are gorgeous looking as well. For slightly more than the price you’d pay for putting together your own Monome, you get an 8X8 grid in addition to other trigger buttons, as well as a couple linear faders and several rotary ones.

If you like the Monome, want a few more controls, and don’t want to build it yourself, Livid’s Block is a fantastic alternative. It retails for $400.

Livid Instrument’s Block via CreateDigitalMusic

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  1. Sebastien Orban says: October 17, 2009

    And it’s not OSC, nor is it integrated in Live (no more than the Monome but well).

    I hope we will sooner than later have access to the last API in Live !


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