Create Digital Music and Indamixx remix contest

September 23, 2009 | No comments yet

Photo courtesy of Trinity Audio Group

September 23rd, 2009 – CreateDigitalMusic in partnership with the folks behind Indamixx, are running a remix competition using Renoise. The idea is that you create a song using Renoise and optimize it as much as possible. You can use your own samples, but you have to use Renoise.

The grand prize will be an Indamixx netbook and will be chosen by Indamixx. The winning song will also be made the demo song within the Renoise software. There will also be two other prizes: (1) a copy of Renoise as chosen by CDM, and (2) 4 USB stick versions of Indamixx chosen by CDM users. You can create the song using the free demo version of Renoise. You won’t be able to export to WAV format, but you can save to Renoise’s proprietary format.

Having a dedicated laptop that is optimized completely to creating music is pretty awesome. I look forward to hearing what songs come out of this contest. People make the craziest things when limited.

CreateDigitalMusic contest information

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