OSX Snow Leopard : Hold off on updating

August 26, 2009 | No comments yet

OSX Snow Leopard

August 26th, 2009 – For those of you using the Mac platform, you no doubt know about the upcoming OSX update dubbed “Snow Leopard”. I know it may be tempting to drop the $29 upgrade price for updated core audio, and the ability to handle 64-bit, but you should hold off.

Apple, being its typical elusive self, is set to release Snow Leopard this Friday which is early. Normally, I’d applaud a software company that is able to release software before its target, however with something like an operating system, this leaves pro users in a lurch. Unlike the software that the majority of computer users utilize (ie. word processors, video playback, web browsers), pro software is on the cutting edge of exploiting the hardware and operating system to its full potential.

Because of this, small changes in the OS can have a big impact on how the software performs and may even break functionality. This also affects hardware through driver software. OSX Snow Leopard is going to be big trouble for us music types because core audio has been updated. Music software and hardware developers thought they would have a longer timeline to prepare driver and software updates, but with Apple moving up the release date, they won’t be ready at launch.

I was all set to wipe my system this weekend and install OSX fresh, but today’s article on CreateDigitalMusic had me thinking otherwise. I almost jumped the gun on this one.

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