Kongregate/Scion Artistic Intersection Contest

June 10, 2009 | 1 Comment

Scion Artistic Intersection Contest

June 10th 2009 – Kongregate, the gamer and developer community, is running a contest in conjunction with Scion, for both their art and sounds categories. The top five submissions each week (as voted by Kongregate members) will receive $100, and each week’s top voted submission until June 29th (note: the contest page lists June 29th, but the rules say July 28th; June 29th seems pretty quick since the contest just opened, but to be on the safe side, I’d enter this month) has the chance to win $5000 in gear.

The prizes for the art category are cool, but what you’re interested in are the sounds prizes. Want that shiny new APC40? Yup, it’s part of the prize. Don’t have a nice laptop? How about a Macbook Pro? Also included in the prize pack is a full version of Ableton Suite 8, a Presonus Firebox, an MPK25, and K240 headphones. That’s a pretty awesome prize, and now for the great part: it isn’t only restricted to those in the US. It’s an international contest!

Expect stiff competition though. The leader this week has a pretty damn good piece. Even if you don’t win anything, it looks like a pretty supportive community. Kongregate looks like a great place to meet people who are looking for music for their games. If you wanted to get into game music, it’s a great opportunity to build up your reputation.

Scion Artistic Intersection Contest via CreateDigitalMusic

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