nodal : version 1.1 is up, and for Windows too!

April 6, 2009 | No comments yet


Photo courtesy of Nodal

April 6th, 2009 – Remember last August when I posted about Nodal, the generative MIDI sequencer? Wow, that didn’t seem so long ago, but the Nodal team has been busy at work readying version 1.1. Aside from the UI, and control tweaks, the big update is that Nodal is now available for the Windows platform.

Yup, Windows users will be able to partake in all the glitz that they’ve been missing but with one advantage over the Mac users: Nodal will have direct access to the Windows internal MIDI synths. This means that, while you can still use whatever MIDI synth you want, you can just default to the Windows ones if you wish.

Saved Nodal files work cross platform, so you can share your pieces with your OSX friends. Available now, and for free (for now) at the link below.

Nodal via CreateDigitalMusic

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