MakerShed : 555 Noisemusick Kit

March 30, 2009 | No comments yet

555 Noisemusick Kit courtesy of MakerShed

Photo courtesy of MakerShed

March 30th, 2009 – Today was an interesting day forĀ  trying to come up with a post. I wanted so badly to post about the gorgeous Teenage Engineering OP-1 (especially since it might also help my attempt at being one of the lucky 100 beta testers) but I’d really only be regurgitating posts from elsewhere, so visit CreateDigitalMusic to read more about it.

Instead, I decided to look for gear on the total opposite end of the spectrum. Compared to the carefully designed aesthetics of the OP-1, the 555 Noisemusick is as barebones as you can get. The board itself, as well as the chips, are completely naked. But this device too, is gorgeous in its simplicity, although some might argue (my cat for example, who isn’t a fan of the Beep-It theremin I occasionally whip out) that its sound leaves something to be desired. Not me though, I love it in all its crunchy, beepy glory. Check out the scratching-vinyl-esque sounds that emanate from it in the video below at about 28 seconds in. Fantastic.

555 Noisemusick Kit on MakerShed

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