Monome : Tasty like edamame

November 30, 2008 | No comments yet

Photo courtesy of Monome

November 30th, 2008 – The monome is a device similar to Yamaha’s Tenori-On. The main difference is that it has no hardwired functionality. It is a flexible controller whose functionality is determined by the software that it controls. I’d seen it a while back and was intrigued, but because I had the idea that it was an open-source Tenori-On in my mind, I didn’t stop to think that it might be able to be used to make music other than the type that the Tenorions might make. How wrong I was.

Peter from CreateDigitalMusic posted a Vimeo video by Prima Luta where he shows the way he uses the monome to remix hip hop tracks. I guess I wasn’t thinking; I don’t know why I didn’t see the potential of the monome to be a massive drum trigger in the same vane as the MPC. Some of the software Prima Luta uses is pretty sick. I especially dig the scratch effect he gets going with it. Such a device is so customizable and powerful, it could easily take the place of something like an MPC in a studio environment, and even out, with the help of a laptop.

The monome comes in 3 different sizes, the smallest of which is USB bus-powered and already has 64 buttons. Watch the video and get inspired by what you can use it for.

monome via CreateDigitalMusic

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