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August 27, 2008 | No comments yet

Photo courtesy of Reaper

August 27th, 2008 – Have any of you heard of Reaper? I hadn’t until their updated version status was reported on a few sites I peruse. It’s music production software created by the people behind Winamp (among many other software titles). I remember using Winamp back in the day before I got a Mac. Reaper’s design is industrial and clean looking, much like the stock Winamp skin.

What really caught my eye while perusing their site is that it’s super lightweight. The Windows installer is only 3.3 megs while the Mac version is only 8 megs. That’s ridiculous compared to Logic which is over 50 gigs. Granted, Reaper is super bare-bones and doesn’t include the plug-ins, samples, and effects that Logic provides but 3.3 megs is so small it boggles the mind. That’s smaller than most mp3 files.

From the screenshots, it looks like it has better audio manipulation than Logic. In the studio, I use Protools because the audio workflow is so streamlined. The problem with Protools is that it’s expensive for what you get. If Reaper can cut and record audio as easily as Protools, I’m sold.

Definitely check out the program if you can. It has a demo version for free download, but if you want a non-commercial full license it’s still only $50 USD. If you want to make money using it, it’s only $250 USD. Compare that price to full versions of Protools, Logic, Nuendo, or Cubase. Judging from its feature set, it’s extremely good value. Download the demo here.

via CreateDigitalMusic

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