Machinecollective Modular Controllers

August 25, 2008 | 4 Comments

Photo courtesy of Machinecollective

August 25th, 2008 – While I largely use software to mix songs, sometimes I want to use physical gear. The problem is, it’s hard to justify the price of a MIDI mixing board like the Mackie Control Universal Pro since they don’t colour the sound like analog mixers do (which is a desirable trait and the reason that people pay hundreds of thousands for antique consoles or even single console strips). MIDI controllers merely provide physical control of your music software.

Machinecollective has released a modular system that allows you to select only what you need. Faders, pots, patch bays; all the basics that you might want are represented. The best part? It’s super affordable with estimated costs of about 50 pounds (about $100 USD) per module. Of particular interest to me are the mini patch bays. During my time working in a real studio, I enjoyed the flexibility a patch bay offered me in routing outboard gear. Now, if I want to connect things, I have to constantly rewire my set up. Currently, Machinecollective is in beta and not shipping, but I’m excited to see what the final product is like. via CreateDigitalMusic

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